The Erazm and Anna Jerzmanowski Prize of Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences for Prof. Krzysztof Penderecki

The prize, whose full name is: the Erazm and Anna Jerzmanowski Prize of Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, fits into the beautiful tradition of the PAAS and our region in promoting the merits of outstanding Poles. Małopolska (Lesser Poland) Voivodship (Province) as a Partner declares permanent patronage and funding of the Award.

Granted in the years 1915-1938, the prize gained a great prestige thanks to the outstanding laureates as well as to its amount. Renewed in 2009 – on the centenary of Erazm Jerzmanowski’s death – owing to the PAAS's efforts and on their initiative, with the support of the Erazm and Anna Jerzmanowski Society of Friends of Prokocim, and thanks to the funds of the Małopolska Region as a Partner, the prize is meant to distinguish a candidate who - in accordance with the will of Erazm Jerzmanowski - "through his/her literary, scientific or humanitarian work done for the benefit of his/her native country was able to occupy an outstanding position in Polish society". After the prize was restored, Janina Ochojska-Okońska was selected the first laureate of the award, joining the group of great predecessors: Cardinal Adam Sapieha, Henryk Sienkiewicz, Ignacy Paderewski and others. The next  winners were: Jerzy Nowosielski, Maciej Grabski, Adam Bielański, Andrzej Zoll, Jerzy Owsiak, Jerzy Limon, and in 2016 - Fr. Adam Boniecki.

This year's laureate, Krzysztof Penderecki, a world-famous composer and conductor, whose music touches people in all corners of the globe, has created a great work of extraordinary artistic dimension, surpassing the canons and barriers, making Poland known all over the world.

The founder of the Lusławice arboretum and of the European Center of Music located in it, Penderecki with his wife Elżbieta tirelessly animates the Polish musical life, constituting an ideal and reliable support for artistic youth.

Always ready to stand up for the freedom of art and freedom tout court, with his creativity and authority of a recognized representative of Polish and not only Polish culture creators, he became in difficult times both a hope and a model for the whole environment of Polish creative intelligentsia.

The award ceremony will take place on May 22nd - like every year - at the Wawel Castle.